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Why Are Elevators Built Above Seven Storeys In The Country?

Why are elevators built above seven storeys in the country?

Now most of the new houses have a lift, lift not long enough to become a residential area advantage, but there are still many people in the elevator and did not feel unfair, these people live in the building have the same characteristics, that is, less than 7 layers.

Then why don't you design all the buildings with elevators?

In fact, our designers do architectural design, unless Party a request, or designers are generally in accordance with the limits allowed by the norm to do. The advantage of this is that the cost of Party A will be reduced to the greatest extent under the condition of meeting specifications. The number of storeys in the house is often also allowed by the upper limit of the bar code. In this way, the floor space can be minimized, and the excavation area will be reduced, the number of pile driving will be reduced, the area of green or square will be enlarged, the spacing between buildings will be enlarged, and the sunshine condition will be optimized and so on.

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