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What Is The Elevator Emergency Device?

In the elevator industry in the fierce competition, along with the development of science and technology change rapidly, a variety of new materials, new technology, new techniques have been applied to the elevator, the elevator toward safer, more efficient, higher intelligence degree direction. Because of the fault of the elevator itself lead to stop people trapped situation increasingly reduced, while at the same time, due to various factors lead to the elevator outage so that the elevator stop trapped people problems gradually. In order to minimize the stop people trapped trapped passengers on the adverse effects on the psychological and physiological emerge as the times require, elevator emergency device.

In recent years, elevator emergency device as a relatively independent of the mechanical and electrical products have fully developed. Although seen on the market today the name of such devices are different, such as: "elevator emergency device", "the elevator power failure automatic level control screen", "the elevator power failure automatic relief device", product brands and manufacturers are more, but its hardware structure and working principle is basically the same. This kind of elevator emergency device generally consists of main control board, the charging board, inverter board, interface board, a battery and a phase sequence detection of several components.