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What Is The Villa Elevator, And How To Choose

What is the villa elevator, and how to choose

Villa elevator is defined as a home elevator. That is installed in a private residence, only for a single family members to use the elevator. It can also be installed in a building used by a non-single family as a single family to enter its residence, but the public or other occupants in the building can not enter and use.

 Household elevators and public passenger elevator technical specifications are very different: such as the load can not exceed 400kg, the speed can not exceed 0.4m / s, lifting height of not more than 12m, but in real life people often require manufacturers to provide a larger area Of the car or higher speed, such as 1.0m / s, 1.75m / s and so on, has far exceeded the manufacturing requirements of the home elevator, which is too much emphasis on appearance, decoration, and not pay attention to the safety of the home elevator is Selection of home elevator errors. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the nature and technical specifications of the elevator or villa elevator.

Private housing lift choice

The structure of the private housing determines the choice of home elevator or villa elevator should be used without machine room elevator structure, which maximize the savings in construction costs and building space, taking into account the appearance and aesthetics of the house.

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