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The Elevator Industry Has Gradually Become The Pillar Of China's Manufacturing Industry

The elevator industry has gradually become the pillar of China's manufacturing industry

After many years of development, China's elevator industry has become an important construction equipment for the development of modern society, to improve the quality of people's life.It played a irreplaceable supporting role in realizing China construction industry’s "Energy saving and land saving" policy. At the same time, because of its function related to people’s safety and the quality of life, the elevator has been listed as a special equipment by the state for many years. In recent years, with the strong drive of real estate, rail transit construction, airport reconstruction and expansion, the elevator industry in China has developed rapidly, and gradually become a bright pearl of the equipment manufacturing industry in our country.

At present, China has become the world's largest elevator producer and consumer, according to statistics, in 2013, China's annual elevator demand has more than 450 thousand units, accounting for 60% of the global elevator market demand.Up to 2014, the elevator production reached 708 thousand units, elevator ownership has exceeded 3 million 500 thousand units. It is estimated that by 2015, the number of elevators will reach 4 million 200 thousand units.


Four factors drive industry development

 First, the growth of commercial real estate. As China's urbanization process continues, cities need to build more office buildings and commercial buildings to support the continued development of the local third industry, while providing convenience for the daily life of urban residents.


Second, the increase of urban infrastructure construction. The steady growth of macro-economy has promoted the urbanization rate of our country continuously. According to the National Bureau of statistics data, in 2012, China's urbanization rate was 52.57%, according to the overall goal of building a moderately prosperous society, by 2020, China's urbanization rate will reach 60%. With the increasing urbanization rate, the scale of public infrastructure construction such as airports, railway stations, hospitals and gymnasiums will be raised, and the purchasing volume of elevators also will be increased accordingly.

     Third, the increasing of old elevator renewal and old building transformation. In the old elevator renewal field, the elevator is still running beyond the prescribed service life, which will bring great hidden danger to the elevator safety. According to the provisions of the State Council promulgated the "special equipment safety supervision regulations", "special equipment has serious hidden danger of accidents, without modification& maintenance value or exceeding the useful life stipulated in the safety technical specifications, the entity using special equipment shall promptly scrap it". In the old building reconstruction field, with the improvement of social economic level and aging of the population, the demand for installing elevators in existing buildings has attracted the attention of government departments. The Ministry of construction has research on the transformation of existing buildings, especially set up special subjects on how to reform and install elevators in the existing building, conduct comprehensive research on policies, investment, technology, standards, transformation plans, requirements, approval procedures, and so on.

    Finally, the development of the export market. As domestic enterprises have increased research and development of high-end elevator products and breakthroughs in key technologies, the number of elevator imports has gradually declined. At the same time, the gradually improvement of quality & technology of domestic elevator product, with relatively low production costs in China, China's elevator competitiveness in the international market gradually highlights,China's elevator brand has been gradually recognized in overseas markets, and formed a large number of product exports.

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