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Speed Up The Construction Of Elevator Responsible Without Delay

All of the "responsible" as a common carrier of governance models in the elevator safety system, realize the optimization of Elevator Safety governance structure. By elevator production, installation, maintenance and testing subject based on introduced best interest relationship with elevator safety management organization. First aid and pay way to motivate managers to buy insurance, choose high quality elevator maintenance services, reduces the risk of itself assumed responsibility;

Second, through the "accountability" system achieve the pro-consumer goals, strengthen the incentives and constraints for elevator managers. Lift products decided to lift the ownership, use, management, technology management (repair, maintenance and inspection) often exercised by the different subjects, thus the responsibility chain elevator accidents often involve producers, users, administrators, and maintenance units. Due to modernization of the system of market economy, the rule of law in order to protect the interests of consumers as a primary goal, "responsible" is based on the value of the system design. The establishment of "responsible" system can be effectively reversed using management strengthening daily maintenance and management, selection of qualified better maintenance company, providing higher-quality services for routine maintenance. Meanwhile, management units used in "responsible" under the constraints will more conscientiously assume the responsibility of supervision and maintenance so as to enhance the overall level of property management.