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On The Selection And Configuration Of Elevator In Architectural Design

Elevator configuration should be careful understanding of the building itself and the use of the environment, including building purpose, size, height, passenger and freight traffic. For example, in the elevator traffic analysis of the need to know the following: (1) the building use, sub offices, residential, hotels, department stores, hospitals, libraries, stations, and multi-functional, comprehensive multi-purpose building, such as the Intelligent Building. Even if is the office building, also have a company dedicated floor, quasi special building, partition rental building, layered rental building division. (2) the number of floors, floor height, elevator lifting height. (3) the building number and distribution in each layer. (4) the effective use area of each layer and its use (such as meeting rooms, restaurant, shop, office, etc.). (5) the use of floor area per person. (6) around the building or underground without traffic station, underground street. Many factors should be considered in selection, configuration process for the sake of convenience, the influence factors of the efficiency of delivery to lift as the main line and the other related factors are discussed.