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Is Elevator Safety In High-rise Buildings?

Is elevator safety in high-rise buildings?

When the elevator is designed and manufactured, the safety factor is very high, and the elevator is also checked and tested in the installation. As long as the maintenance is in place, the elevator must be safe.

What are the hidden dangers of high-rise residential buildings?

Hidden danger one: Fire corridor lack lighting facilities

Some of the high-rise residential buildings, down one by one. Although it is a large day, but two fire corridors inside the building, very dark, lack of lighting, and some can not see the light bulb, you need to play a flashlight in order to walk up and down the floor.

Hidden dangers two: floor channel blocked by security doors

The fire exits in the building are less than 4 square meters in size, but in some floors they are stacked with old furniture, decoration, waste materials and other materials. Pedestrians need to walk side by side to get through. In addition, some floors of two or three households, but also installed a security door.

Hidden danger three: fire fighting facilities are not complete

Hidden danger four: fire, most people do not know how to take refuge

Many residents still lack fire fighting consciousness. Residents at home basically not equipped with fire extinguishers, life-saving kits and other security facilities. As for how to take shelter when a fire occurs, most residents only know that they should be evacuated downstairs in time.

Most of the residents say they don't know where the shelters are.

How should a high-rise resident help himself in case of fire?

Living on the top floor, what should I do if the fire breaks out? Yesterday, the modern express reporter interviewed the fire department to teach you how to save yourself when a fire broke out in a high-rise building.

OK, first go near the refuge

In fact, for high-rise building, the building is 100 meters, are equipped with emergency refuge floors, if the public can, under certain conditions, to the refuge floor waiting for rescue workers."

You can buy a life bag

Some developed countries have already set an example to us in disaster prevention and fire self-help.

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