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How To Choose The Right Elevator For Domestic Elevator / Villa?

How to choose the right elevator for domestic elevator / villa?

A and domestic elevator door opening are divided into hand door and automatic door

The structure is similar to the commonly used hand door door of our house, but the door lock linkage and relatively heavy, and no hand door design car door protection, security risks exist objectively; automatic door is the same as the public passenger elevator, a car door and landing door double protection, the difference is that the villa elevator selection more than 95% of the adjacent open automatic door, automatic door open because side can save the construction area and the maximum possible use of the well width, and convenient for the disabled and the elderly, fully reflect the benefit of.

B, optional PLC control or microcomputer controlled villa lift

PLC control is the abbreviation of "Programmable Logic Controllers" in English. It can be programmed as a logic controller. It is mainly used in the early industrial field, and is also the main control mode of elevators. In the last century in 80s when the microcomputer control system, PLC control in the field of debris elevator elevator only using large quantities, but in the field of basic passenger elevator microcomputer control system is completely eliminated, therefore, the microcomputer control system is a fine selection of Huai right choice.

C. choose VVVF, VF drive home elevator or villa lift

Select frequency conversion, variable pressure adjustment drive home elevator, make it more comfortable, smooth and energy saving, in the traction family elevator choice is to use VVVF traction machine and frequency converter drive configuration.

D, select LED lighting

The biggest difference between LED lighting and traditional spotlights or incandescent lamps is brighter, more environmentally friendly, energy saving and longer service life.

E, as far as possible to select automatic rescue device (power failure level) and automatic dial device of the domestic elevator

Private elevators are different from public elevators for use by a single family. Therefore, in the domestic elevator security put forward higher requirements, especially for the elderly or children in the family, if the use of a sudden power failure or failure of elevator, choose home elevator with automatic rescue device and automatic dialing configuration, to the maximum security of family. Of course, manufacturers will also ask for additional equipment costs

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