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Why Is The Elevator Inside The Hospital One-way Open And Close?

Why is the elevator inside the hospital one-way open and close?

No matter in medical dramas or go to the hospital, you will find a lot of design of elevator door is a one-way door, two directions different from ordinary shopping malls, office buildings and the movement of the door, please do what is the reason? Isn't it inefficient to open the door like this?

From an engineering point of view, the single elevator saves space in the elevator shaft. But because the hospital elevator needs to transport the sickbed, therefore must consider the sickbed width. For example, if the bed is 0.8 meters wide, the two are 1.6 meters wide, and the elevator should be at least 1.6 meters wide. If the elevator door is opened, the elevator shaft must be designed as 1.6+0.8+0.8. If it is single open, the elevator shaft only needs to keep 1.6+0.8 space because it can fold the elevator door. From the hospital infection control requirements, not only the design of elevator doors, including other doors, are required to consider airtight function. Closed bi-directional door after long time easily lead to closed lax, and one-way door just set a "E" type structure can guarantee the closed. You can carefully observe the inside of the hospital, especially the operation room door, all one-way open and close. Even if the design of double fan double open, under normal circumstances, but also open and close only one. Infection control better hospital, in the correct case, it should be from an elevator door, opposite the elevator door out, and the elevator comes with the function of wind shower. Hospital building design should first consider the principle of infection control, and then consider other factors.

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