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Elevator: The First Is A Safety Device Of The Lift

The elevator has been in people's lives for 150 years. In 1854, at the Crystal Palace in New York at the world exposition, the Americans Elisha Graves Otis for the first time to show the world his invention. He stood on the platform of the cargo elevator, command assistant to the platform pulled to the audience can see the height, and then send a signal, so that the assistant with an ax cut off the elevator lift cable. Surprisingly, the elevator did not crash, but firmly fixed in the air - Mr. Otis invented the lift safety device has played a role. "Everything safe, gentlemen." Mr. Otis, who was standing on the platform of the lift, waved to the people around him. No one would have thought that this is the history of mankind's first safety lift.

Life continues, science and technology in the development of the elevator is also progress. 150 years, the elevator material from black and white to color, style from straight to oblique, in the control and control is a new step by step - handle switch control, button control, signal control, centralized control, man-machine dialogue, etc. , The latest scientific research results of the new elevator competing come out, cold buildings thus emitting a human glory, so people's lives become more beautiful.