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Composition Of The Escalator

Escalator is used primarily by car, traction systems, guide, and control systems. Car used to accommodate passengers or goods, containing control panels, passengers through the buttons control panel signals transmitted to the control system needs to reach levels or direct control of opening and closing doors. Traction parts including installation at the top of the car pulling cable, pulley, engine room of motor and cable reel and added to the other end of the traction cables of the counterweight. When the motor-driven cable reel rotates, traction elevator cable movement through friction. To be safe, Elevator consists of a set of steel cable traction, each can individually bear the weight of the traction cables. Traction power transmission is generally divided into both gear reducer and gearbox-free. Through Turbo-worm reducers passed to the rotation of the motor shaft cable reel; the latter is mounted directly on the motor cable reel on the spindle, by changing the size to control the speed of the flow through the motor current. For the car and counterweight on the vertical movement without lateral movement, set up car guide and counterweight guide rails.