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April 2015 Lift Purchase Amount Exceeded 400 Million Yuan Mark

With the strong hit of major items, in April the Government lifts purchase lift gloom in the first quarter, volume alignment increases the amount, for the elevator purchases in the second quarter off to a good start. According to the Government procurement information incomplete statistics, in April, through open tendering, competitive negotiations, single source procurement complete elevator about 240 government procurement projects, 50 more than in March, an increase of 26.3%. Purchase amount rose to 440 million yuan from March of 270 million Yuan, the chain rebounded sharply.

More than 7 million Yuan project, the largest procurement scale of nearly 60 million Yuan, but the 7-item procurement up to 175 million total. Big projects with a vengeance becomes April lift purchasing one of the biggest highlights. Throughout 2015 lift large number and size of the project can be seen in government procurement, lack of big projects in April reversed in February, March, and Government procurement into the elevator on the right track; transversely elevator procurement in the Government for four years is not difficult to see, April was the year elevators symbolize a shift in government procurement.