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What is a sightseeing elevator?

What is a sightseeing elevator?

A vertical elevator powered by an electric motor, fitted with a box shaped pod for use in multi-storey buildings, carrying passengers or carrying goods. One side or several sides of the well wall and the car wall are transparent materials. Passengers can watch the scene outside the car when they take the elevator. A fixed lifting device serving the specified floor. At least one side of the hoistway and the car wall is transparent on the same side, and passengers can watch the elevator outside the car. Mainly installed in hotels, shopping malls, high-rise office buildings occasions,

The market there is no need to dig pit and bring well screw sightseeing elevator, design simple and beautiful, the elevator has no special requirement in construction, the height of the top layer almost unlimited, in the high-rise building of the compound floor, apartment, can be installed, and the installation time is short.

The sightseeing elevator has a car that operates between at least two vertical rigid rails. Car size and structure for passenger access or loading and unloading goods. Customarily, the elevator is used as a general means of vertical transportation in buildings, no matter how it is driven. At rated speed, it can be divided into 3 types: low speed elevator (1 meters per second), fast elevator (1~2 M / s) and high-speed elevator (2 meters / sec). Hydraulic elevators were introduced in the mid nineteenth Century and are still being used in low rise buildings. In 1852, E.G. Otis developed a safe lift for wire rope hoist in the United states. In 80s, the driving device was further improved, for example, the motor drives the winding drum through the worm drive and adopts the balance weight. In the late nineteenth Century, the friction wheel drive was adopted, which greatly increased the lift height of the lift.

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