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The escalator is compared to a lift

The escalator is compared to a lift

Escalators and lifts are vertically transporting pedestrian transport. Both have their own strengths and are usually used on different occasions. Compared with the lift, the escalator occupies more space, and the walking speed (especially the vertical speed) is relatively slow. But because the escalator is continuous operation, unlike the lift-like passengers to wait for the arrival of the car, so the total capacity of the escalator is much higher. In the high flow of people, and the vertical distance is not long places, such as shopping malls and stations, the general will use the escalator. As for the flow of people less, but the vertical distance of the occasion, such as office buildings, the majority of the use of lifts.

The moving speed of the escalator ranges from 27 meters to 55 meters per minute. Delivery capacity should consult the appropriate supplier.

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