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What are the functional features and working principle of sightseeing elevator?

What are the functional features and working principle of sightseeing elevator?

I. functional features

1. advanced control technology

2. convenient passenger general design

3. series of sightseeing lifts take all measures to provide a safer and more comfortable ride for all lift passengers

4. eye-catching displays and door buttons

5. voice prompt system

6. high sensitivity button

7. humanized handrails

Two. Working principle

Sightseeing elevator glass cover

1, with the building, with the surrounding environment as one, not only become part of the building, but also add a moving beautiful scenery.

2, sightseeing elevator glass fiber reinforced plastic structure is not only perfect to show the compact space, and the overall beauty. Can also be based on different civil design, convenient and quick, generally use round, semicircle, and square.

3, comfortable and comfortable ride feeling, a variety of angle outside the ladder landscape, to the user is a pleasure, a novelty.

4, widely used in all types of public and private buildings, such as shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, tourist attractions, high-end residential. The development, design and construction process of sightseeing elevator products, the main products are: elevator hoistway steel structure, glass curtain wall type sightseeing elevator escalator cover, curtain wall cover, and supporting the elevator decoration services. The industries involved include hotels, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, real estate development companies, banks, government administrative buildings, exhibition halls, subway entrances and exits, schools and private villas.

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