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Brief introduction of sightseeing elevator

Brief introduction of sightseeing elevator

Modern elevators are mainly composed of tractors (winches), rails, counterweight devices, safety devices (such as speed limiters, safety clamps and bumpers), signal handling systems, car and hall doors, etc.. These sections are installed in the well and the engine room of the building. Steel wire rope friction transmission is usually used, steel rope is used to bypass the traction wheel, both ends are connected with the car and balance weight respectively, and the motor drives the traction wheel to lift the car. The elevator requires safe and reliable, high transportation efficiency, accurate leveling and comfortable riding. The basic parameters of the elevator are rated load, rated speed, multiplicative number, car dimensions and the well pattern.

Including traction motor, traction sheave, reducer, brake, traction machine base, handwheel traction system etc.. The traction sheave is mounted on the load beam. The elevator traction machine is the driving mechanism of the elevator. With the help of the load beam, all the loads (dynamic load and static load) of all the reciprocating lifting and moving components are carried by the traction rope wheel, and the load beam is mostly made of i-beam.

The suspension compensation system consists of traction rope, car and counterweight, all structural parts, compensating rope and tensioning wheel. The car and counterweight are the main parts of the elevator running vertically. The car is a container for carrying and transporting goods.

The guiding system comprises a guide rail and a guide shoe, guide the car and for vertical movement.

Electrical system is the elevator control system, including a variety of contactors, relays, controllers and monitors.

Safety devices, speed regulators, safety guards, bumpers, door safety devices, etc..

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