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Parking system overview

Parking lot refers to the use of the parking space. Parking can be divided into warm garage, cold room garage, carport and parking four categories. Parking's main task is to keep parked vehicles.

Parking system is refers to based on modern electronic and information technology, in parking regional of out entrance installation automatically recognition device, through non-contact type card or license plate recognition to on access this regional of vehicles implementation judge recognition, and access/refused to, and guide, and records, and charges, and release, intelligent management, its purpose is effective of control vehicles and personnel of access, records all detailed information and automatically calculation charges lines, achieved on field within vehicles and charges of security management.

Parking system set induction type smart card technology, and computer network, and video monitoring, and image recognition and processing and the control technology Yu one, on parking within of vehicles for automation management, including vehicles identity judge, and access control, and license plate automatically recognition, and spaces retrieved, and spaces Guide, and passing reminded, and image displayed, and models proofing, and time calculation, and costs charged and the verification, and voice on told, and automatically take (received) card, series Science, and effective of operation. These features according to user needs and the actual flexibility to cut or increase formation of different sizes and levels of luxury, standard, resource-efficient car park management system and vehicle control systems.