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Escalator installation rules

First, escalator export of width must is greater than 2.5 meters, if is export of place personnel more, is should increased actual of width; second, escalator of pedal surface vertical direction must is greater than 0.9 meters, in handrails with yiwai of any items of height must below 0.5 meters, avoid necessary of things occurred; third, in pedal over of vertical height cannot is less than 2.3 meters; IV, tilt of angle must is less than 30 degrees, rose of height must is less than 6 meters, its rated of speed must is less than 0.5 meters /S, vertical tilt angle in the direction of maximum increase of up to 35 degrees, degree of inclination of the horizontal direction must be less than 12; v, at the time of installation also need to pay attention to fire prevention function of.